Creative Director/Owner: Jinell Singletary

Creative Director/Owner: Jinell Singletary

a Plethora of things

Plethora L.A. is a Los Angeles based, online shop for the modern minimalist whose style is sovereign, feminine and edgy.  We offer handmade items as well as private labels that mix millennial nostalgia and modern nuances relevant to the female persuasion and experience. 



After working in fashion technology for a number of years, I became inspired by all things related to minimalism, from furnishings to accessories and apparel. This led me to make handmade jewelry, which evolved into me selling accessories and now apparel. 

Every piece is designed or chosen with the dynamic, forward-thinking metropolitan woman in mind, offering her liberation to a more sovereign style.

It's my goal to bring an edgy, modern minimalist flare through unique designs and amazing finds.  I'm excited to share my aesthetic with you and I hope you find something that elevates your "WOMAN".

Now keep in mind that I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my shit.
— Erykah Badu

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